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Frequently Asked Questions: PIMS-Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome

What is PIMS?

PIMS stands for Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome. It describes a health condition seen in children who have been infected with novel coronavirus, recovered from it and later have an immune response that results in significant levels of inflammation in organ systems and symptoms. PIMS is similar to other inflammatory conditions like Kawasaki disease (an illness that can result in enlargement of the coronary arteries). Children who acquire PIMS many not have had obvious symptoms of COVID during the acute infection.

Is PIMS contagious?

No. PIMS is not contagious. However, in order to have PIMS, a child must have had the COVID infection previously.

Do you need to have another health condition to get PIMS?

No. It does not appear that PIMS is limited to children who already have another chronic or significant illness that compromised their immune system.

If I think my child has PIMS, what should I do?

If you think your child has PIMS, contact your child’s doctor or pediatrician immediately. Families with a child experiencing serious illness should not delay in getting care and should immediately seek attention from their nearest emergency room.

What will my pediatrician ask me?

Your child’s doctor or pediatrician will likely discuss several symptoms with you, and will want you to be particularly alert to children who have experience high fever for several days, combined with other symptoms that may include:

· Abdominal pain without another explanation or diagnosis

· Both eyes appearing pink or red

· Enlarged lymph nodes or gland

· Red, cracked lips or tongue that look like a strawberry

· Swollen hands and/or feet, which might also be red


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