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Change in Case Reporting for Caroline County

As more testing is being done in facilities outside of Caroline County where some of our residents work, the State of Maryland is receiving local data before we do. This lag time in receiving data has created confusion and a significant difference in the case numbers the County and State are reporting.

To ensure Caroline County residents are receiving the most accurate information, we are no longer going to publish a local zip code map. This information can be found on the State website at

However, we will continue to do contact tracing with our local Health Department and Caroline County Public Schools Partnership. We want to thank Caroline County Public Schools for working closely with us to inform the local citizens of Caroline County.

“Even with schools closed, health room nurses are as busy as ever. They have stepped up to the plate for Caroline County, doing temperature checks and symptom screenings of essential personnel, and assisting with contact tracing. We can’t thank them enough for their work during this difficult time,” stated Superintendent, Dr. Saelens.

Please continue to visit for the most up-to-date State Map as well as daily Situation Reports from the Caroline County Emergency Operations Center.

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