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We need your help!

The Emergency Operations Center is collecting new, unused PPE. See below for a list of what is needed!

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency, personal protective equipment (PPE) is in critical supply. Learn how you can help!

Important: To ensure the health and safety of those receiving masks, only healthy individuals with no one in their household experiencing symptoms should consider donating masks, materials, or other equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We are collecting critically needed items to help protect healthcare workers, first responders, and other emergeny personnel.

We will begin collecting items on Monday, March 30th. If you are able to provide any of the items below in new, unused condition, please call us at 410.479.5884 Monday - Friday 9:30 - 3:30. You can also email us at [email protected].

  • N95 respirators

  • Dust masks

  • Simple face masks

  • Eye protection

  • Goggles

  • Face shields

  • Boxes of latex-free gloves

  • Hand sanitizer

Homemade Masks

We are collecting homemade face masks to preserve our medical-grade PPE for healthcare providers and first responders, making their stock last longer. To be clear, homemade masks are not for use by healthcare providers. However, they can be used by other persons to help reduce the community spread of the virus.  Below are two ways you can help!  


Get to Sewing!

You – and your sewing skills – can help make a big difference if you can make face masks that can be worn, washed, and reused! Please do not make or donate masks if someone in your home has been sick. All homemade masks will be laundered before being distributed.

  • Use tightly-woven, breathable cotton fabric (preferred) or another tightly-woven, breathable fabric blend, in any color or pattern for the face mask(s) you make. You also will need elastic banding that’s used for sewing.

  • Cotton fabric should be layered so there are two layers of protection.  Wash material in hot water and dry on high heat to preshrink fabric before making the masks.  If elastic is not available, masks can be made with ties.


Donate Materials!

If you can’t sew, or don’t have a sewing machine, you can still help us by donating any of the following materials that can be used to make face masks. We will get them to people who can sew to make more face masks. Please do not donate materials if anyone in your home has been sick.


  • Fabric bolts – Tightly-woven, breathable cotton fabric (preferred), or fabric blend, also tightly-woven and breathable, in any color or pattern

  • Cut pieces of fabric – Tightly-woven, breathable cotton fabric (preferred), or fabric blend, also tightly-woven and breathable, cut to 6-inches by 10-inches.

  • Elastic used for sewing.


We will begin collecting donations Monday, March 30th. Please call 410.479.5884 from 9:30 to 3:30, Monday – Friday to make arrangements for donations.  Please also call this number for questions. You can also reach us by email at [email protected].


Thank you to each group, individual, and local business who has personally stepped up for the people of Caroline County. These are tough times, but one thing holds true now more than ever; we are all in this together. #CAROLINEPROUD

Barbara & Larry Porter

Betsy Blough

Sue Harris

Sarah Porter

Abby McNinch

Jennifer Shull

Debbie Behlke

Jim Phelps

Sherry Levengood

Terry Lord

Terri Fearings

Kathy Mackel

Robin Cahall

Jean Peterson

Cindy Whaley

Katie Thomason

Linda Fletcher

Nan Minihan

Perfect Touch Hair Design

Foster's Mini Mart 

Caroline County Public Library 

Faye Harris

Virginia Albers 

Blough's Seafood

Commercial- Wagner

Angela Visintainer

Heather Price 

Coutney Watson

Debbie Regulski

Carol O'Brien

Belinda Shvela

Sue Zimmerman

Sheena Rhodes

Penny Boyd 

Pat Adams

Amber Cunningham

Ashley Eason

Terry Phebus

Mandy Ellis

Mary Bailey

Jo Ann Fike 

Cathy Eskridge

Wanda Lewis

Lawanda Major

David Murry

Debbie Eaton

Alicia Neal

Lani Schumacher

Denise Mulrine

Alicia Barr

Larry Ogden

Bel Craft

The Salvation Army Cambridge, MD
Ridgely Pharmacy & Gifts
Choptank Community Health System
Shore Thing Drywall
Bullocks Deli
Maven & Smith
The Hound Haberdashery
Henry's Nails
Faye Harris and Renee Carnochan
Linda Scott
Linda Chalupa
Debbie Scott
Cindy Faulkner

Virginia Albers

Barbera Little 

Ruth Patton

Laci Patterson & Family

Kim King

Hound Haberdashery

Robin Cahall 

Rebbcca Mullins

Mona Oakes

Crystal Parks

Cindy Sheets

Joanne Jones

Marchsa Kibler

Tammie Carter

Liz Alley

Rosa Reyes

Stacy Wallace

Lisa Sullivan

Lexi Wiseman

Alice Cole

Mary Beach

Diana Key

Trina Ewell

Nicole Wilson 

Hardenia Potter

Sharon Marvel

Suzy Galasso

Jenny Porter

Holly Foster

Tiana Bryant 

Lisa Calloway

Sam Figueroa

Beth Brewster

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